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Speaker Profiles


Jason A’alona, Podium 

Jason currently is the head of the Retail division for Podium, a SaaS platform that helps businesses interact with their customers through SMS text messaging and influence purchase decisions by streamlining the collection and management of online reviews. Jason received his MBA from Southern Utah University and has a wealth of experience in digital marketing as well as helping businesses set up customer experience programs. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching University of Utah Football.


Dick Abbott, The Edge

In 2002 Dick and Joe Shapiro formed Abbott Jewelry Systems, LLC. and created The Edge®. Dick’s hands-on experience in retail jewelry store management and analytical thought process helped shape the exceptional inventory management process that separates The Edge from other systems. Dick gets the greatest satisfaction through the success of his clients. Dick is convinced that Omni-Channel is the key to future retail success.


Ross Cockerham, Punchmark

Ross is the Co-Founder and CEO of Punchmark, a web design and marketing company specializing in the jewelry industry. Ross has many responsibilities at Punchmark, including Punchmark’s day-to-day operations, managing the sales team, writing copy for Punchmark and its clients, and doing some development work. Ross is also an Accredited Jeweler Professional with the Gemological Institute of America, and has been working in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. This experience helps him play a vital role in being the liaison between Punchmark’s clients and the design and development team.


Kathleen Cutler, Bespoke Commerce

Kathleen Cutler is behind the scenes of multiple million dollar online jewelry stores. With a degree from GIA, coaching 100+ jewelers, and time on the jewelers bench as well as selling in high-end boutiques, Kathleen can help you create your online jewelry storefront through high-touch digital relationships using her Bespoke Commerce™ system.


Ronald Dod, Visiture

Ronald Dod is CEO of Visiture, a full-service search marketing agency for eCommerce businesses with a focus on Google, Bing, Facebook & Amazon. His passion is helping eCommerce business owners and marketing professionals navigate the eCommerce marketing landscape and use data to make more effective decisions to drive new traffic and conversions. He holds a Masters in the Science of Marketing from Florida State University and is certified in Google Adwords & Analytics.


Alex Fetanat, GemFind

Alex Fetanat is the Founder and CEO of GemFind. GemFind is one of the jewelry industry’s premier digital marketing companies, and is the only digital marketing agency in the jewelry industry with over 20 years experience. GemFind specializes in website design, lead generation, social media, Google advertising, and much more.


Gus Garcia, Bottom Line Marketing

Gus Garcia is the Director Of Media for Bottom Line Marketing, a full-service advertising agency based in South Florida with a special focus on independent retail jewelry. Beginning as the Head Media Buyer, Gus was quickly promoted to Director of Media, where he was tasked with developing and managing an in-house digital division as well as overseeing all media operations.


Julie Gotz, Freshley Digital

Freshley Digital is a multimedia Marketing Agency serving independent jewelry stores since 1993.  Julie Gotz joined the Freshley Digital team in June of 2017, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer.  Julie’s role is to maintain and grow client relationships while coming up with digital solutions that will help stores dominate their local market and increase ROI.  Julie has worked with some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world including Cartier, David Yurman, Patek Philippe, Tiffany & Co., LVMH, Saks Fifth Avenue and Mercedes Benz, just to name a few.


Yuri Iskhakov, NANO

Yuri is a successful entrepreneur, educator, and marketer with a specialization in e-commerce, human centered design, strategy, and project management. NANO helps brands build great companies through innovation, automation, and beautification. We help brands build experiences by combining Business Strategy, Data, UX/UI, Ecommerce, and Emerging technologies. Past work includes clients like Rapnet, Helzberg Diamonds, and more.


Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Retail Minded

Retail Minded’s Founder Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is recognized as a global retail thought leader from companies that include IBM, American Express, Vend and more – including having been recognized as #3 out of 100 worldwide retail influencers. Reyhle regularly contributes to media outlets that include Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC and others – as well as speaks at worldwide events with a core concentration on commerce and consumer experiences. In addition to Retail Minded, Reyhle is also the Co-Founder of the Independent Retailer Conference and Author of the book “Retail 101: The Guide to Managing & Marketing Your Business” from McGraw-Hill and has supported American Express’s Small Business Saturday as their Spokesperson since 2014.


Ali Moheet, i-Showcase

Ali is the President of i-Showcase, innovators who’ve set and raised standards in the jewelry industry and consistently stay ahead of the curve. As the first company to introduce structured data management and remarketing to the jewelry industry, turn to i-Showcase for advanced website development and digital marketing. I-Showcase has learned from its satisfied customers how to predict the trends that will shape the future success of online retailers.


Ray Moheet, i-Showcase

Ray Moheet pursued a double major in Civil Engineering and Business Management with a focus on Digital Marketing at California State University Northridge. During that time, he worked his way from Zales up to management at an independent retailer. His brother Ali had a wealth of scientific, technical, and computer knowledge at his command, and Ray had become a master of marketing strategies and the intricacies of jewelry retail. Their shared project and passion is i-Showcase.


Jared Silver, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

Jared Silver, President of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry, is responsible for the company’s strategic grown and operations, combining well-practiced business acumen with a passion for gemology and high horology acquired over a lifetime in the family business. Becoming an active member of the Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry Board of directors in 2012, Jared develops the growth agenda for Stephen Silver and curates the customer experience of the future, finding innovative new avenues and retail concepts to present exquisitely crafted, rare, and highly collectible handmade objects. Jared Silver also deploys over $1 million per year on behalf of the family’s philanthropic fund, including over $1 million to date contributed to the V Foundation Wine Celebration.


Liz Stamm, Virtual Diamond Boutique

Elisabeth “Liz” Stamm is the VP of Business Development for Virtual Diamond Boutique. Liz is an experienced manager of people and products in the Jewelry industry. She is skilled in Trend Analysis, Market Planning, Jewelry Manufacturing, and Retail operations. Having spent over 15 years in the jewelry industry with names such as Macy’s, Richline Group, Finlay Enterprises, and Watch World there is no product or process that can take her by surprise. In her free time, she enjoys sailing, skiing and spending time with friends at the local watering hole.


Laryssa Wirstiuk, Joy Joya

Laryssa Wirstiuk is a jewelry marketing specialist and the founder and creative director of Joy Joya, a digital marketing agency for jewelry brands. Joy Joya is committed to helping jewelry business owners build a brand over the long term by providing services like branding strategy, content strategy and creation, creative direction, digital marketing strategy, ecommerce optimization, email marketing, event marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Be sure to check out all of Laryssa’s free resources, including a blog and jewelry marketing podcast on iTunes!


Kate Worth, GN Diamond

Driving our Sales team to continually exceed the Independent Retail Clients expectations.  I strive to be innovative and forward thinking while helping our retail partners continue to grab more market share. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your retail partner say “you helped my team make that sale!” 

As a mother of 4 I love to watch my children play sports.  I love all Philadelphia sports teams.   As an Ohio State Field Hockey alumnus, I am also an Ohio State fan.